Aurel Schmidt

March 1, 2010

“When I was a teenager I was making very angsty detailed drawings on all sorts of wonderful satanic themes. I drew everyday, I loved it so much. Then I got really embarrassed of them, I hid them all under the bed at my mothers house. Now I have come full circle, I draw rotting corpses all day, I have never been happier.”

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Danse Macabre

Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning “Be mindful of death” and may be translated as “Remember that you are mortal,” or “Remember you will die.”  It names a genre of artistic creations that vary widely from one another, but which all share the same purpose, which is to remind people of their own mortality, and therefore the value life.

Memento Mori history- from Rome to Lemony Snicket.

Mary, Queen of Scots, silver skull watch.

I see dead people. 19th century post-mortem photography



Laurie Lipton. Illustrator