The Tragedy of Tina Resch

May 20, 2009


During the mid-eighties in the United States, Tina Resch, a bullied 14 year-old foster child, received press attention for spontaneous psychokinesis on a large scale. She was later dismissed as a hoax by the media, though several witnesses and members of the scientific community maintain the telekinesis was real.

At 16 Tina was thrown out of home and married to avoid being sent to juvenile detention. The relationship quickly turned violent and she escaped to a woman’s shelter, while he stole her savings.

At 22 she arrested for the murder of her daughter. Her new boyfriend, David Herrin, who was the only person with her daughter at the time of her death, was also arrested. After spending two and a half years in prison without trial, and under the guidance of a overworked lawyer whom she rarely saw, Tina made a plea bargain for life with no parole to avoid the electric chair.  Herrin, who admitted to sodomising the child, was subsequently charged with cruelty to children, he will be released in 2012.

Tina has currently spent over 17 years in a prison.

Unsolved Mysteries. 1993. Tina Resch episode on the psychokenisis activity – Part 1

Part 2

An brief overview of her life

An overview of her legal case

Tina Resch
Frame 25. Tina Resch on March 5, 1984, age 14, during a spontaneous telekinesis event. Tina is recoiling her hands, not directing paranormal power. The phone and other objects in the house are reported to have taken flight at different times in front of witnesses or in other unoccupied rooms of the house while Tina was with witnesses. There are more photos of Tina and quotes by witnesses in the book “Unleashed.” The above photograph was distributed worldwide by the Associated Press at the time.

Photos: © The Dispatch Printing Company. Photographer: Fred Shannon, a Columbus Dispatch newspaper staff photographer with, at the time, 30 years of photojournalism experience.
Tina Resch, Amber and Dr William RollTina Resch Boyer (on right), 22, with her daughter Amber, 3, in Georgia, November 28, 1991, visiting friends Dr. Bill Roll and his wife Lydia for what would be their last Thanksgiving holiday dinner together. Four and a half months later, Amber would die from a fatal head injury while in the custody for nearly six hours of Boyer’s new boyfriend of less than two months, David Herrin. Photo: William Roll.

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  1. pub said

    How does a man who is convicted of raping a little baby ever get out of jail? Our country is disgusting.

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