A Ghost Ship.

April 15, 2009

The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a brigantine merchant ship famously discovered in early December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean unmanned and apparently abandoned, in spite of the fact that the weather was fine and all crew had been experienced and able seamen. The Mary Celeste herself was in perfect condition and still under full sail heading towards the Straits of Gibraltar. The ship had only been at sea for a month and had over six months of food and water on board. Her cargo was virtually untouched and the personal belongings of passengers and crew were still in place, including valuables. The crew was never heard from or seen again and what happened to them is often cited as the greatest maritime mystery of all time. The fate of the crew is the subject of much speculation. Theories range from alcoholic fumes to underwater earthquakes and waterspouts, along with a large number of fictional accounts such as aliens, sea monsters and the Bermuda Triangle. The Mary Celeste is often described as the archetypal ghost ship in the sense that it was discovered derelict without any reasonable explanation according to the evidence.



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