Gustave Doré. Illustrator of Evil.

April 14, 2009

Gustave Dore. The Raven

Tom Thum. Gustave Dore.

The Demonic Entity of the Succubus

Dabt's Inferno

“By the time that Paradise Lost was published, Milton (1608-1674) was a blind recluse, but the epic poem is a vivid depiction of the darkness and evil that informs human existence. Paradise Lost takes us to the limits of human possibility both, in our strength and frailty.  The essence of these themes is “to justify the ways of God to men,” or what moral philosophers refer to the problem of evil. Milton was instrumental in influencing later Romantic poets like Blake and Shelley…

…Doré, who illustrated Paradise Lost can also be said to share Milton’s philosophy.”


Gustav Dore illustrations for Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Milton’s Paradise Lost, The Bible, Coleridge’s  The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and folk tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb.


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