Philip Blenkinsop. Extreme Asia Reportage.

April 12, 2009

Philip BlenkinsopPhilip blenkinsop

Philip Blenkinsop

Blenkinsop has been described as ‘A man of guerrillas and of resistances,’ (Herve Le Goff) and ‘One of the most essential photographers of his generation.’ (Christian Caujolle)

Since arriving in Asia in 1989, Blenkinsop’s name has become synonymous with forgotten conflicts.

Blenkinsop is adamant that the photographer should never censor scenes through the camera. 
“Photographers are both witnesses and messengers. Our responsibility must always lie with the people we focus on, and with the accurate depiction of their plight, regardless of how unpalatable this might be for magazine readers.”

His work, published in international arenas, has been the catalyst for much discussion and amongst other accolades was awarded Amnesty International’s Photojournalism prize for excellence in human rights journalism.

The author of two books, The Cars That Ate Bangkok (White Lotus), and Extreme Asie (Photopoche Societe), Blenkinsop continues to live in Asia and is currently working on two long-term projects: Nepal, and Thailand’s Southern Insurgency.

Current portfolio

Extreme asia exhibition


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